Production Facilities

For production facilities all our expertise can be utilized, whether it is for power solutions, production equipment or maintenance and upgrades.

Focusing on highest production capacity, minimum downtime, minimum energy usage, lowest capital expenditures and professional maintenance.

We have seen throughout our facility visits, so many technical issues that requires attention, to increase the capacity and reliability. However, most of the times the clients are still reluctant by saying: It is still in operation, so no need of making costs now.

Decatech Limited is of the opinion that especially these are the issues to be improved, cause a machine or equipment can stop being operational anytime at an undesired moment. In case investments are too high for that moment of time, still Decatech can provide you with our services to increase the lifetime, expecting the customers is working on renewal or overhaul.

For new to be constructed facilities we can provide turn-key solutions or partly as per customers request. Size of project does not matter to us, as long as we can serve the customer with high quality and reliable systems.