Hybrid Power Generation

To extend the use of Solar systems, Decatech Limited also provides high technical Hybrid Power Solutions.

Hybrid systems are commonly used in off-grid solutions, whereby grid is weak or insufficient.

Hybrid means a mix off power generators in any combination possible.

  • Diesel or Gas generators, with Solar PV
  • Diesel or Gas generators, with Solar PV and Wind Turbine.
  • Diesel or Gas generators, with Wind Turbine.
  • But also Renewable Power(Solar PV or Wind Turbine) with protected on-grid operation and utilization with standby generators is possible.

Hybrid solution is only possible with a high technical control system, to minimize risks for generators, high power stability, and maximum renewable input into the system. To enable this we are working close with Zwart Techniek B.V. from the Netherlands, which supplies the HYCON one Hybrid controller.

See following. 

Zwart Hy-Con One