Solar PV Systems

Power generation through solar seems to be obvious in Tanzania and East-Africa. However there are still limited installations operational. This is due to the assumed high investment costs, but also due to the complexity of Solar PV Systems.

Reasons for this is the correct scaling of the system as to maximize the energy consumption generated by the system. Mostly this results in the use of battery systems. Also the integration of Solar systems into existing electrical system, either with or without standby generator can make it a complex system.(Also see Hybrid Power Generation)

Decatech Limited is able to design a Solar system, which has lower investment, high reliability and high efficiency, with the aim for the customer to reduce the power consumption costs.

We are not limited by brand of panels, inverters, battery inverter and batteries. The most suitable within the customers need is offered and installed.

Decatech Limited as a young company has not yet installed a complete system, but has some good number of outstanding proposals to institutes and companies.

Solar systems, can be protected on-grid systems to minimize the use of expensive utility power or stand-alone. In standalone systems always a battery solution is required. Battery systems seems to be the solution for a lot of things, but is always the most challenging part of a system. Too small the system will not have the right efficiency and reliability. Too big and the system is too expensive. Wrong type of battery for the system and the efficiency reduces or the investment is too high. For this battery systems, we always work closely together with our customer and have to keep up to date about the new technologies.

Providing power to the utility grid, in Tanzania and other countries, is not yet allowed.