Standby Generators

In Tanzania and East Africa it is common to have a diesel standby generator, at houses, Offices, Hotels, Production Plants, Mining Companies, Hospitals, Datacenters and much more.

Decatech Limited is not limited in providing standard standby generator, but is specialized in the project specific, customized standby generator system. A diesel generator comes in various shapes and sizes and brands, but the integration of it into a “fit to use” system, is many times still uncommon in Tanzania, resulting in lower efficiency and higher operating costs of the diesel generator.

With the approach of Decatech Limited, the efficiency of the diesel generator is much higher, which reduces fuel(thus climate) and operational costs. Also the installation can be made to reduce noise, and minimize CAPEX, through smart integration in the electrical system and extensive control system.

While offices, hotels and companies are increasingly expanding the use of energy, also the standby generating system should increase the capacity. Multiple generators to provide power to the electrical system is sometimes challenging, due to space limitations and limitations in the electrical system. Also Decatech Limited is able to increase the generating capacity through smart integration of the next following generator, without major changes in the existing system, which reduces CAPEX and has a higher reliability with reduced OPEX.