Technical Management

Technical facility management encompasses the management and maintenance of all of a building's technical systems, such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical systems, plumbing, elevators, fire alarm systems, doors, gates, and much more.

Technical facility management also includes regular inspections and maintenance as well as repairs. We vouch for the safety and proper function of all the aforementioned systems, and attach great importance to technical facility management, particularly efficient energy management.

As a technical service provider in the field of energy and building services, we look back on the wealth of experience we have gained since 1998.

We operate in Tanzania and wider range of East-Africa, while using the knowledge and experience gained in Europe.



With Technical Facility Management of Decatech Limited, we ensure the operational readiness of your facilities and minimize costs of downtime. We optimize the life cycle costs of your facilities from project development to expert maintenance.

We pro-actively maintain each component of your plant, every operating hour and ensure that measurement instruments, pumps, compressors, valves, ventilators, generators, conveyor systems, doors, lighting systems and chillers are operating perfectly.

In addition, all operating data is evaluated at regular intervals and optimized according to need.

Our in-depth technical knowledge ensures minimum down times and smooth interaction between all maintenance groups and technical facilities.

With Decatech Limited Technical Facility Management, the lifetime, operational and maintenance cost will be reduce significantly.

Preventive Maintenance is Key to costs reduction

With intelligent data analysis and our many years of experience, we produce efficient maintenance plans, optimize costs and minimize downtime. With the help of mobile technologies and a paperless process, we can predict and quickly detect asset failures, document them in a compliant manner and rectify them immediately. This minimizes downtime and risks for our clients and helps them bring down operating and investment costs.

Supervision of performance of existing maintenance contract between third party providers and the client is most commonly performed.